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Time for a mini blog on Rezzed once again. Located at London’s Tobacco Dock, this small but mighty gaming convention showcases types of games you may not normally find at larger, mainstream conventions. That is definitely an aspect of this particular event that I love so much. It’s more focused, personal and creative making it quite a unique experience. It’s a cosy atmosphere where you can take your time and fully get to know the team and developers there. Another point Andy and I enjoy and we love seeing new and old faces!

Along with trying out games, the event has developer sessions, stalls with merchandise, food and drink options (though not many) and if you fancy a cheeky cosplay then go right ahead.

Below is a brief list of games that stood out for the right reasons that Andy and I got to check out:

Disobedient Sheep

This game is definitely harder than it looks. Play as sheepdogs as you frantically keep your sheep in check, avoiding anything that could possibly decrease your flock. This party game for 2-4 players is such a good laugh and I even tried playing it solo! You really need to focus for this one. Just when you think you’ve got it all under control, one wrong move and panic ensues!!



What on Earth?! Such an interesting concept and adventure game of only having one minute to explore and progress at a time. One I would like to try more of to be honest.


Void of Memory

This is the sort of thing you don’t come across at the larger gaming conventions. This interactive, artistic 3D piece displays not only the developers passion but also creativity, art and design. I couldn’t help but sit down and give it a go. I particularly enjoyed the interactive narrative of this as I got to choose my next move, piecing information together and eventually have an outcome. Would be interesting to see this further developed.


Negative Atmosphere

Hello Dead Space! If you’re a fan of that then this is right up your alley. Had to give this a go. Great look and feel. Very short demo and I was thoroughly rubbish at staying alive but it was still good fun and hope so see more of it in the future.


Fade to Silence

Such a great look and atmosphere but didn’t quite get enough time to try this one out unfortunately. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where it is constantly winter, this survival game can be played either single or co-op.



The highlight game for me and Andy for sure!! Love this 2D platformer. Cute design and look but don’t be fooled this game will test you. It is beyond challenging and despite me struggling and the rage bubbling I was determined to try and succeed and the satisfaction of completing a difficult level felt so good. Let me tell you though, you think it’s hard now…IT GETS HARDER!! Stressful, tricky and super fun. Even Andy sat down to play and I struggled to get him off.

If you haven’t seen it already feel free to check our Twitch stream of the game so far. Link below:

Livestream | Website

We Were Here Together

Didn’t manage to have a go at playing this online co-op adventure but it is on the list for sure for Andy and I to stream for your entertainment in the future. In order for us to do so we will need to experience the first 2 games (“We Were Here” and “We Were Here Too”) as this is the 3rd in the series and they all cleverly interconnect and link up. The first game was designed as a student game and after receiving such an amazing response has grown and developed to what you see now! Solve puzzles and communicate clearly with your partner in order to safely progress and complete the game. Inspired by games like “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” (another fantastic and hilarious game Andy and I have played and streamed together) this game caught our attention, but the difference in this is that it allows both players to take turns with roles in solving puzzles instead of having one person fixed with instructions on how to solve and the other the with the actual puzzle for example. Andy and I are super excited and cannot wait to play this. Keep an eye out!


Very simplistic design with a hypnotic feel. Tricky and potentially stressful. The game revolves around music, geometry and flow. I haven’t yet played this myself but it caught my attention as I watched someone else try to solve the 3-dimensional, rhythmic riddles. Simple but effective.

Close to the Sun

Really atmospheric and I’m sad I didn’t get to sit down and play this one. Set in the 1890s, this first-person horror adventure game requires problem-solving in order to progress the story. Survive and discover what truly happened aboard the Helios. Definitely on my list of games to play!


This has my name written all over it! Described as a “first-person puzzle platforming adventure” ( this game is really fun with interesting dynamics. Play as a bug and figure out how to progress in this new and different perspective where everyday items, surfaces and clutter now become your environment to navigate. Love!!


Hats off to the lovely gentleman Cameron (Assistant Creative Director and Programmer) who stayed in character and was so energetic promoting the game and walking me through my role as a firefighter. This co-op multiplayer sees you frantically put out fires and save lives but only as much as you wish. Hilarious to play and perfect to enjoy with friends.

Nanotale: Typing Chronicles

Something a bit different but fun all the same. Heavily typing based it not only was fun trying to type as quickly as possible but to also learn new words. This typing adventure RPG lets you practice your typing while you play. Bear in mind that depending on how quick and well you’ve typed and played, will determine the difficulty of a boss and the waves of enemies you need to defeat.

Wavey the Rocket

Seen this at previous gaming events but never got a chance to try. Well this time I had the joy of sitting down and having a go and it did not disappoint. Influenced by Trials Fusion (another fun game Andy and I have played) this side-scrolling action arcade game keeps you on your toes throughout the levels. Oh and just a juicy extra fun fact: I ranked 3rd whilst Andy came 13th!!!!! A game I finally scored higher on the scoreboard. 😀

Double Pug Switch

Fun and infuriating. Oh and of course so cute! Who doesn’t love pugs. Simple enough to pick up quick but very challenging if you’re anything like me. Andy couldn’t help but have a go too (and show off lol). Definitely his forte. Play as a dimension swapping dog in this challenging side-scrolling platformer where quick reflexes and a calm approach is key. You can see why Andy was better at this than me but I still loved it and would be happy to play more in the future.

And there ends my list of games. So as you can see quite a few games that were super fun, interesting, challenging and entertaining and ones to look forward to. Don’t forget though these are just handful that you will find when attending Rezzed. The event is easy to get to, comfortably sized for those who prefer something less overwhelming, there’s merch, food, nice community feel and overall a fun experience. If this sounds like the type of event that could tickle your fancy then make sure not to miss it next year!

See you there.


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